Day 2 - Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Theme: Critical Digital Pedagogy (How to implement Critical Pedagogy in online learning environments?)

Questions to Ponder

  • What struck you from today's vidcast or readings? Any Aha's?
  • How do we develop and build caring communities in our online classes?
  • How do we implement pedagogies of care?
  • If online classes are a quintessentially human endeavor, then how do we build/address instructor-student, student-student, and student-self relationships within our online classes?
  • Where do we treat our online students as automatons instead of human beings? What kinds of critically pedagogical interventions can we employ to ameliorate this inhumane treatment?

Readings, Videos, Podcasts, etc.

Minimum participation: DPL Vidcast Episode 2 with Karen Cangialosi

DPL Vidcast Episode 2 - Karen Cangialosi and Rissa discuss Critical Digital Pedagogy in STEM

Medium participation

Stommel, J. (2014 November 17). Critical Digital Pedagogy: A Definition [Online Article]. Hybrid Pedagogy. Article: Cangialosi, K. (2018 June 26). But You Can't Do That in a STEM course! [Online Article]. Hybrid Pedagogy.

Bali, M. (2020 May 28). Pedagogy of Care: Covid-19 Edition [Blog Post]. Reflecting Allowed.

Robinson, H., Al-Freih, M., & Kilgore, W. (2020). Designing with care: Towards a care-centered model for online learning design. The International Journal of Information and Learning Technology, 37(3), 99-108. (NOTE: This article is in the google drive)

Everything after this heading constitutes HIGH participation

Resources to Explore

Unhangouts (by MIT Media Lab)

Liberating Structures

Inclusive Pedagogy Resources Google Sheet (edited and curated by Kevin Gannon)

Pivot to Digital: A TRU Community Resource

Extension Readings, Videos, Podcasts, etc. [THESE ARE SUPER OPTIONAL!]

Stepich, D. A., & Ertmer, P. A. (2003). Building community as a critical element of online course design. Educational Technology, 43(5), 33-43. (NOTE: This article is in the google drive)

Stommel, J. (2020 June 19). Designing for Care: Inclusive Pedagogies for Online Learning [Blog Post].

Extension Book

Morris, S. M. & Stommel, J. (2018). An urgency of teachers: The work of Critical Digital Pedagogy. Hybrid Pedagogy, Inc.

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