Day 3 - Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Theme: Social Justice, Decolonization, and Equity in Online Learning Spaces

Questions to Ponder

  • What struck you from today's vidcast or readings? Any Aha's?
  • How do we integrate social justice and equity into everything that we do or assess in our classrooms?
  • What larger classroom techniques (including student agency, building community, assessment, and evaluation) can we use to emphasize social justice and equity in our classrooms?
  • What smaller classroom techniques can we use to emphasize social justice and equity in our classrooms?
  • How do we deal thoughtfully and compassionately with "problem" students - those students who show passive-aggressive, argumentative, or trolling type behaviors?

Readings, Videos, Podcasts, etc.

Minimum participation: DPL Vidcast Episode 3 with Maha Bali

DPL Vidcast Episode 3 - Maha Bali and Rissa discuss Social Justice, Equity, and Decolonization 

Medium participation

Teaching as an act of social justice and equity with Bryan Dewsbury (Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast hosted by Bonni Stachowiak, Episode 215)

Gordon, S. R., Elmore-Sander, P., & Gordon, D. R. (2017). Everyday practices of social justice: Examples and suggestions for administrators and practitioners in higher education. Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis, 6(1), 68-83.

Everything after this heading constitutes HIGH participation

Resources to Explore

Sherri Spelic - Bending the Arc: A Social Justice Newsletter for Educators

Equity Toolkit (Colorado Department of Higher Education)

ACE Framework (OPEN CoLab)

Extension Readings, Videos, Podcasts, etc. [THESE ARE SUPER OPTIONAL!]

Maha Bali Keynote: Centering Critical Care During Crises (OLC Innovate 2020 Virtual Conference)

Hodgkinson-Williams, C. A., & Trotter, H. (2018). A social justice framework for understanding open educational resources and practices in the Global South. Journal of Learning for Development - JL4D, 5(3), 204-224.

Montelongo, R., & Eaton, P. W. (2019). Online learning for social justice and inclusion: The role of technological tools in graduate student learning. The International Journal of Information and Learning Technology, 37(1/2), 33-45. (NOTE: This article is in the google drive)

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