Day 5 - August 6, 2021

Theme: Show and Tell (Application in the classroom)

Questions to Ponder

  • What struck you from today's podcast, synchronous sessions, or readings? Any Aha's?
  • What three major things are we going to take away from this experience?
  • From our learnings this week, what can we apply right now?
  • Where do we go from here? How do we continue to support one another?

Interesting things we've shared for more information and learning

Tressie & Ezra podcast

Silverman, S. et al. (2021). What Happens When You Close the Door on Remote Proctoring? Moving Toward Authentic Assessments with a People-Centered Approach

QUBES (which Karen Cangialosi mentioned and is a great resource for Bio and Math stuff)

Science in the Classroom (which Rissa posted during a Zoom session and is an awesome resource for STEM)

Rissa's love for QM on full display:

Trauma-Informed Teaching

For students:,

For staff and faculty:;rgn=main

Tanner Articles

Tanner, K. D. (2013). Structure matters: Twenty-one teaching strategies to promote student engagement and cultivate classroom equity. CBE Life Sciences Education, 12(3), 322-331.

Owens, M. T., & Tanner, K. D. (2017). Teaching as Brain Changing: Exploring Connections between Neuroscience and Innovative Teaching. CBE—Life Sciences Education, 16(2), fe2.    

Schinske, J., & Tanner, K. (2014). Teaching More by Grading Less (or Differently). CBE—Life Sciences Education, 13(2), 159–166.

Performance vs. Learning

Three articles (ok five but the first two are just really important articles) differentiating performance and learning:

Brookhart, S. M., Guskey, T. R., Bowers, A. J., McMillan, J. H., Smith, J. K., Smith, L. F., Stevens, M. T., & Welsh, M. E. (2016). A Century of Grading Research: Meaning and Value in the Most Common Educational Measure. Review of Educational Research, 86(4), 803–848.    

Butler, R., & Nisan, M. (1986). Effects of No Feedback, Task-Related Comments, and Grades on Intrinsic Motivation and Performance. Journal of Educational Psychology, 78(3), 210–216.

Donker, A. S., de Boer, H., Kostons, D., Dignath van Ewijk, C. C., & van der Werf, M. P. C. (2014). Effectiveness of learning strategy instruction on academic performance: A meta-analysis. Educational Research Review, 11, 1–26.    

Kluger, A. N., & DeNisi, A. (1996). The effects of feedback interventions on performance: A historical review, a meta-analysis, and a preliminary feedback intervention theory. Psychological Bulletin, 119(2), 254–284.    

Lynch, R., & Hennessy, J. (2017). Learning to earn? The role of performance grades in higher education. Studies in Higher Education, 42(9), 1750–1763.

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