Day 5 (2021)

Aug 5, 2021

The theme for today is how do we take what we've learned and integrate it into our lives, our careers, and our pedagogy. We're talking specific action items, folks - at some point today you'll be asked what one (small or large) thing are you going to do to turn our learnings into action?

After all, theory and action constitute praxis - one of the major foundational concepts, along with critical reflection, that critical pedagogues, such as Freire, hooks, Giroux, Shor, and so many more, embrace. From a blog I wrote a couple of years ago, I shared this understanding of critical pedagogy:

Critical pedagogy regularly asks, "Even if claims are 'true', are they just?" In critical pedagogy, context matters! "The critical person [pedagogue] is one who is empowered to seek justice…the critical person is adept at recognizing injustice [and] that person is also motivated to change it" (Burbules & Berk, 1999, p.7).

What can we do to enact our critical pedagogy in open and maybe even subversive ways?

Today is our last day of the lab. Our hope is that, while the Digital Pedagogy Lab is always overwhelming, you also got something out of it. Maybe, if Chuck has his way, we'll even a community of fellow learners and pedagogues, trying to find our way collectively in the dense forest of higher ed.

Our page of resources for today is here:

Our synchronous schedule includes a Zoom meeting from 11am to 12 pm ish EDT (UTC-4) [Zoom invite is on Yellowdig and in your email] and a chat on Yellowdig - our last one ;o( - from 7pm-8pm ish EDT (UTC-4). Throughout the day, let's share our action items on Yellowdig, or, if you're feeling more adventurous (and constructionist), you can share them on Twitter or on a blog.

Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh

Learning/Teaching Enthusiast | #Chem & #Stats prof @CNMOnline | New MS Stats @UNM | #STEMEd researcher | @ChemEdX 2YC Lead | @DigPedLab Faculty | @VConnecting Buddy | #LGTBQi 🏳️‍🌈| She/Her | 😈

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